The Kite Guitar


Donate guitars to be converted.

Spread the word on social media, connect us with potential players/makers.

Local videographers

Help us produce educational videos

String manufacturers

Advise us on guitar string production techniques, make custom Kite guitar guages.


Donate certian tools, such as nut slot files, a fret bender, etc.

Advise us on guitar conversions and setups.

Guitar manufacturers

Sell us instruments without fretboards (for easier conversion) and/or mass-produce a line of Kite guitars.


Port EDOtuner and earTrainer41 to iOS/android

Develop Musescore microtonal accidentals and playback

Business coaches

Advise on business matters, both non-profit and for-profit

CPA specializing in 501c3

General advice.


Advise on publishing translations (i.e. Kite Guitar versions) of copyrighted music.

Web designers

Improve web design