Ask us anything about the Kite Guitar!

We are based in Portland Oregon USA. Four ways to contact us:

1) E-mail us: info (at) kiteguitar (dot) com

2) We have weekly videochat sessions open to the public, currently at noon-2pm PST every Sunday (Jitsi is a browser-based videochat app, no login or sign-up required. Just go to the URL and click "join meeting".)

3) Join our Matrix Chatrooms/Community at
- go to
- click on "continue"
- Choose "Element"  (click the "continue" button)
- Either "continue in browser" or download the app
- sign up for a matrix account (will require an email and confirming the email before you are able to chat)

4) Contact Kite Giedraitis on Facebook by tagging him in one of these groups:

(Do not PM him unless you are already friends, facebook will not show him the PM.)

Or tag him on the Xenharmonic Alliance discord server (Tall Kite#3233).