Software Tuners

Microtonal-Tuner by Wilckerson Ganda is a free browser-based app that works on windows, OS X, android and iOS.

EDO tuner by John Watson is a free app for iOS only.

EDO-strobeTuner by Kite Giedraitis is a free strobe tuner for microtonal instruments (requires Reaper or ReaJS).

LINGOT is a free tuner for GNU/Linux which supports any tuning system and imports scala files. To set it to 41edo, download and import this 41-edo.scl file. Then, set the frequency of pitch "1" to D by replacing the "mid-C" text with the frequency number "587.33".

Scale Shapes

Fretboard charts for the downmajor tuning

Relative and Absolute Tab

Finding your way around the fretboard

Tuning Instructions

See also software tuners above

Translating Songs to 41-equal

Conventional 12-equal pieces, recent microtonal pieces, barbershop tags and World music.

Kite Guitar originals

By various composers

Information for Luthiers

General Design Considerations
Fret and Marker Placement
String Gauges
Saddle and Nut Compensation
String Spacing
Cents Table and Hertz Table

Kite Guitar Exercises and Techniques

Various exercises and techniques by various teachers. The circle of 5ths, half-fret bends, etc.


About 41-edo


Isomorphic tunings vs. open tunings

Fretboard Charts (downmajor tuning)

Chord Shapes (downmajor tuning)

Mathematical Basis For The Kite Guitar

Alternatives to 41-edo are edos 19, 22, 41, 60, 63, 85 and 104, as well as rank-2 Laquinyo/Magic.

Scales on the Kite Guitar

A theoretical exploration of 41edo scales. The 5 categories are pentatonic, diatonic, semitonal, trientonal/fretwise and microtonal.

41-equal Note Names and Key Signatures

How to name any note in any chord on any root in any key, using ups and downs.

41-equal Chord Names

How to name various triads and tetrads, even those not easily playable on the Kite guitar such as C~7.

KDF Fret Numbering

Avoid large numbers and tedious mental calculations by counting kites, dots and frets.

The Kite Tuning (original announcement)

The May 2019 paper, the original announcement of the invention (16 page pdf).

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