A simple 12-bar blues by Aaron Wolf:

An arrangement of Auld Lang Syne by Aaron Wolf:

Triadic Etude by Kite Giedraitis (midi demo)

Open-tuning recordings by Jason Yerger: (7-track album)


There are currently (March 2021) 4 cable-tie Kite Guitars and 12 metal-fret Kite Guitars in existence. Also 1 cable-tie bass. There are four more guitars currently being converted and one acoustic bass being built. (Ccnversions involve replacing the fretboard, refrettings don't.)

Left: Kite’s 8-string Ovation guitar, converted by Kerry Char
Right: An 8-string Kite guitar built (not merely refretted or converted) by Tonedevil Guitars

Ovation.jpgTonedevil Guitars small.jpg

Left: Caleb Ramsey’s 8-string Shawn guitar by Agile, refretted by Vivian Cecylia Tylińska
Right: Jim Snow's 7-string Ibanez guitar, converted by himself.

Caleb's Kite guitar.jpgJim Snow's 7-string Ibanez small.jpg


Richie Greene's 7-string Doff, converted by Athan Spathas

Robert Lopez-Hanshaw's 6-string guitar, converted by himself, fretboard by Athan


Samick, Laguna and purple heart Squier, all converted by Athan Spathas

Samick, Laguna and Squier Kite Guitars.jpg

Harmony nylon-string classical, converted by Athan Spathas
Harmony small.jpg

Squier 6-string (left) and Yamaha 6-string (right), both refretted by Matthew Autry

Kite Guitar Squire 6-string, refretted by Matthew Autry small.jpgKite Guitar Yamaha 6-string refretted by Matthew Autry small.jpg

Five early prototypes with cable-tie frets, all refretted by Kite Giedraitis:

The Kite Tuning smaller.jpg

Not shown: Vivian Tylińska's 7-string electric, refretted by herself.

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