Get Involved


Donate guitars to be converted.

Donate money - we are working on becoming a non-profit, but for now donations are NOT tax-deductible. You can donate to us using Venmo (link coming soon) or Paypal.

Spread the word on social media, connect us with other guitarists.

Local videographers

Help us produce educational videos

String manufacturers

Advise us on guitar string production techniques, make custom Kite guitar guages.


Donate certian tools, such as nut slot files, a fret bender, etc.

Advise us on guitar conversions and setups.

Guitar manufacturers

Sell us instruments without fretboards (for easier conversion) and/or mass-produce a line of Kite guitars.


Port EDO-strobetuner and earTrainer41 to iOS/android

Develop Musescore microtonal accidentals and playback

Business coaches

Advise on business matters, both non-profit and for-profit

CPA specializing in 501c3

General advice


Advise on publishing translations (i.e. Kite Guitar versions) of copyrighted music.

Web designers

Improve web design

Help us set up a Kite Guitar forum

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